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iBAKE Denver and iBAKE Englewood are the first legal "Marijuana Consumption" businesses in the Denver Metro Area. iBAKE Denver has been open for 3 1/2 years & iBAKE Englewood has been open for just over a year (as of June 2016)

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DAB Studios

DAB Studios is located just above iBAKE Denver on Washington St. in Denver, CO. Managed by Thurlow "TL" Weed, DAB Studios has been in business for just about 4 months. Learn more about DAB Studios by clicking below.

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Weed Hop Records

Weed Hop Records is also part of the 710 Inc. family. Built and created by Thurlow "TL" Weed, Weed Hop Records, is an independent record label, with some big ties. We have have the same digital distribution arm as Universal Music Group.

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Weed Slinger Apparel & Branding

Are you looking for innovative ways to brand your company, on a budget? Weed Slinger Apparel & Branding helps new and small businesses with the items they need to help give their business the boost in marketing and branding it needs. We specialize in custom (high quality) stickers, hat pins, logo design, website design, screen printing and more! We've been helping companies with branding for over 4 years now!

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Mobile Games

710 Inc Mobile Games

710 Inc Mobile Games

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